Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes, we forget.

We forget the little things.

We forget that every action we make is permanent.
We forget that no matter how much we apologize, nothing can ever take back something that hurt someone else.
We forget to tell people when they've hurt us.
We forget to enjoy the sweet baby breaths.
We forget that the laundry/dishes/TV/computer will wait for 10 minutes without irreparable harm while we sit beside our children's bedsides and stroke their hair.
We forget that making the decision to cater first to our families will most likely be the one with the best outcome for our future.
We forget to be faithful to ourselves, even if it's once in a while.
We forget sometimes to balance being faithful to ourselves with being a well-rounded, good person.
We forget to make ourselves happy, and we lose ourselves in the daily grind of trying to eke a living from this crazy, unstable society.
We forget to tell our significant others how much we love and appreciate them.
We forget that it's okay to make dinner from a cardboard box and to serve it on paper plates every once in a while.
We forget that it's important to sit down as a family and share a good meal.
We forget our family.
We forget that while it's great to speak up for yourself, sometimes what you say isn't worth the pain it might cause the person on the other end.
We forget to appreciate the opportunity to shut the fuck up.
We forget to apologize when we underestimate the opportunity to shut the fuck up.
We forget that when Da Momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.
We forget that sometimes it's okay to lose a fight or two to your children. They need to learn that at one time or another, everyone loses - even Mommy and Daddy.
We forget that it's okay to show our children that we're not perfect.
We forget that it's not always okay to do something just because someone else has done it.
We forget that it's okay to compromise, and that it doesn't always need to be our way or the highway.
We forget to speak up for something or someone when we know in our hearts that it's right.
We forget to speak up when we know in our hearts that something is wrong.
We forget that sometimes, it's our fault and no one else's.
We forget that karma has a way of coming out in the wash.
We forget to pay attention to that little warning bell in the pit of our stomach.
We forget to look at every side of a decision before making it.
We forget that it's not okay to feel this unhappy.
We forget that it's okay to want and expect more of the good things that we deserve.
We forget to give ourselves credit.
We forget that feeling this unhappy, sad, restless and frustrated should be motivation to get up and do something about it.
We forget that we are the ones in control of our own destiny.
We forget that nothing is going to just come to us, we have to go to it.
We forget that things that seem ideal and perfect in the beginning usually reveal themselves to be the complete opposite by the time all is said and done.
We forget that we should be accepted because of who we are, not in spite of it.

Sometimes, kittens, I forget. How about you?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sugar-coated marshmallow fluffy bits of goodness. And I'm not just talking about last night...

Don't you absolutely hate it when you have a topic to blog about, and then forget what it was once you're at your computer?

That elated feeling of "Oh my gosh, I actually have a really good topic to talk about!" and then the letdown of, "what the fuck was I going to blog about again?"

I've even tried reminding myself via Twitter. I remembered the topic, just not what I was going to say.

As my friend Ooh Law Law would say, "Eff it, give me Doritos."

Speaking of shout outs, I have a long overdue one... But better late than never, yes?

My best friend Dana's mom started a new blog about her new wine club called Wine Timers, where she and some close wine-loving pals get together once a month to try new wines, socialize, and just have some fun! She was kind enough to feature a post about my Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes, because, DUH. They're chocolate cupcakes with RED WINE IN THEM AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS. So go check out Wine Timers, and perhaps it'll inspire you to begin your own wine-tasting club!

Yesterday I went over to my friend Julie's house... And together with our friend Becca, we were supposed to teach Julie how to bake pies. However, Julie is a wee bit overzealous, and decided making ten pies was a good idea. Ha, yeah. Not so much... There wasn't so much 'teaching' as 'hurrying the fuck up so we weren't baking till 10 pm' going on. We made two french apple pies, two french silk pies, two strawberry cheesecakes, a lemon meringue pie (that turned to fucking soup because the filling didn't firm up), a strawberry rhubarb pie and a banana cream pie. Yeah, I know! I'm crazy tired today, and I still have to clean the kitchen and begin doing crap for tonight's Easter dinner.

Fuck that ham shit, we're making turkey burgers. I hate anything with veins of fat, so I avoid ham. Because, obviously. I'm also making homemade macaroni and cheese (which I have been CRAVING) and corn. And possibly brownies. Because brownies rule. And I may as well stick to the whole comfort food theme. I was going to try making beingets, which are a New Orleans dessert. But they just sounded too mothercocking complicated.

And after spending 8-9 hours baking my fucking ass off yesterday, I am so not in the mood for complicated. I'll be lucky if I get off my ass and take out the trash and wash the damned dishes. Ha. But I kinda have to because my parents are coming over.

Erflet had a good Easter morning, he got two baskets... Was on a sugar high when my BFF Dana came to visit. Good thing he's cute. :) He kind of wore himself out at the grocery store running about, I think. That and the fact that he spent all day yesterday on Julie's son's trampoline. :)

Erf is going back to school tomorrow after having two weeks off for spring break. He's kind of nervous as he's got more classes this semester along with a math course. We both suck at math. He had fun at Julie's yesterday, too... He actually came out of his shell, I was so proud!

I'm going back to running shows tomorrow... Out of the marketing room, back to the real money-making.

I'm so way too tired for dishes and more cleaning. But my kitchen is nasty. So much for a day of relaxation before I get back into the grind. *headdesk*