Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why yes, I did wear lingerie for a complete stranger...

I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me... I like to show off for people. Yeah, you should see me at the strip club. Kind of ridiculous. You can tell my daddy didn't love me enough when I was a kid.


My friend Jason suggested that as a way to let loose my inner exhibitionist, I should model for his friend Emily as she was taking a boudoir photography class. So Emily and I began messaging on Facebook and we decided on a date and time after she had taken the class. I found a few super cute corsets and an adorable leopard and black lace bustier, along with some fantastic clearance jewelry... Thank you, Icing and Claire's!

We spoke on the phone about some different things regarding the shoot, and she was as sweet on the phone as she was messaging over Facebook and via text message. She advised me to make sure I didn't forget about the little details that can really stand out, such as sock lines and making sure my thigh highs weren't too tight.

The shoot was held on a Sunday. I drove over to her house, where the shoot was being held, and once I finally met her face to face I immediately felt at ease. Emily has a very calming manner about her. She invited me in, and we started talking about how we were going to work things for the shoot. She was very sweet and considerate, always showing concern for my comfort and making sure I wasn't worried about anything. We settled on my first outfit, and I went up to curl my hair and change.

When I came down she walked me through what she had planned, and then we began shooting. She was so incredibly sweet to me, always telling me how pretty she thought I was... I told her if she kept it up, my head wasn't going to fit through her door later on. :)

Her direction was very easy to follow, and we had some upbeat Pandora music playing to keep the mood light. She was very professional, always taking care to notice the small details that can really stand out once a photo is processed, and I can't say enough about how fun she was to work with! Of course it probably helped that I diffused the tension by falling off of her couch. Damn pencil skirts, they're like corsets for your thighs!

She has already sent some of the processed photos to me, and I was absolutely speechless at how beautiful of a job she did on them. I look so much more fabulous than I do in real life. Especially as I sit here in my Rudolph pajama pants and tank top. :)

I hope to work with her again in the future, and I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to do so last week. She made it such a wonderful, personalized experience and I honestly have run out of adjectives to describe how truly fantastic she is.

Here is some information to anyone who might be interested in learning more about Emily's work:

Her Flickr page
Her Facebook Fan page
Her email address

And, of course, here are the photos so that you can see how positively wonderful her photography really is:

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T.O.E. said...

Getting down to the skivvies to display raw allure? Nooooo....that's not Ashley at allllll... :-P
Sounds like it was fun and of course the shots are WICKED awesome. Now just convince a certain blonde to do the same.... ;-)

Sassy Pie said...

Nah, we all know I'm one shy little kitten. LOL

I really think you should convince her to do it... And Emily is absolutely fabulous! She and Crystal would get along well.