Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alright, let's give this mother a shot!

So, first, please pardon me if this post is short. I'm trying to do updates on my mobile, and I can only stand typing on my QWERTY keyboard so long damn it!

I had a job interview last night, and I really think that job would be a good fit for me. I call back at 3:00 today to see if I got it.

I also talked with a guy from the place my mom works at, and they want to interview me for two positions. No, it's not missionary and doggy-style. But they want to interview me on the days that they're doing orientation for the other job (if I get it)... Sigh.

I'll still interview with them - just in case. I may have huge tits, but I'm not dumb! I'll keep all of you updated on what happens after I talk to them later! :)

2 dished:

Mrs Soup said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! <3

Use the tits to your advantage!

Sassy Pie said...

Thank you sweetie! You know I use my tits to the fullest!