Monday, November 2, 2009

There's something about a pair of 4 1/2" stilettos that makes a girl feel...


It makes me want to battle the Orangutan Gene (shave my legs), put on a short skirt and a looooooong jacket.

I'm wearing my adorable Ciao Bella booties (yes, those are the ones I've got, and I got them on wicked sale for like $20 at DSW). They sound ridiculous, because I used to abhor the idea of booties. Until I tried them on. And then I realized.

Shit, they look good on me!

Plus, the inside is this soft, buttery leather. It makes my feet happy. Which, for being 6' tall WITHOUT heels and wearing 4 1/2" stilettos... It's saying a lot. I have a passion for wearing high heels. Luckily Erf (who refers to my booties as Grandma Shoes, cause they have laces), who is shorter than I am flat-footed, likes it when I wear heels.

I haven't found the courage to wear them without long pants yet, however. I still adore them anyhow.

Halloween... Let's see. Erflet was a ninja, I forgot to take pics with my phone due to the chaos at my father-in-law's house for my neice's birthday/trick-or-treating party. My grandpa got some, I'm just waiting for him to send them.

I did get photos of myself, though. Cause I sent them to Erf to get his approval.

Erflet was a ninja this year, and I went as his 'victim'.

All it took was red nail polish and eyeshadow.

Yes, I'm still smelling acetone from removing nail polish from inside my nose.

But I'll be dipped in shit and rolled in breadcrumbs if my wounds didn't look pretty fucking real, even if they weren't swollen. However, this gives you a great view of my dedication... Not only did I put NAIL POLISH on my FACE (which worked beautifully and looked way better than lipliner) but I lined my eyes with dark pink lipliner to look like I had been crying.

Except yesterday when I went to the grocery store for ingredients for turkey bacon BLTs and salad...

I realized when I got out of the car that while I sleepily removed my makeup and nail polish the night before, I still hadn't showered or really washed my face. So my pink eyeliner? Still on.

I was wearing Erf's leather motorcycle jacket (which is sort of redundant since we don't have a motorcycle)(Goddamn it, I wish we did) and had red-rimmed eyes.

I'm sure people came to one of two conclusions.

A.) I was cracked out
B.) I had been beaten by my husband.

Too bad I didn't have my full ass-kick makeup on still. :)

My friend Megan and I were chit-chatting this a.m. about my makeup. She told me that she wanted to come be my nurse. I asked her if she would leave the panties off under her outfit. She said of course. I asked her if she was going to take my temperature - with a strap on.

She laughed.

I'm such a good friend. :)

Also, I sliced my palm open on a chunk of sucker yesterday. Only me...

It hurts, someone come kiss it?

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Susan said...

Looks awesome- Now go back into the store with the same make-up and see what happens...

Beautiful Mess said...

GREAT costume! Love the make-up and the heels? OH SO HOT! Hope the temperature taking is enjoyable ;o)

megan said...

not only would i take your temp with a strap on but i would wear my new ripped pants so you could see my ass! that alone should make you feel better! haha

Sassy Pie said...

@Susan - I'm considering it, but the nail polish remover peeled my nose a bit... And it really did make the blood realistic.

@Beautiful Mess - Thanks, babe! The heels are super sexy, I adore them.

@megan - If you take my temp with a strap on, I'll tongue your ass through the ripped pants. ;)

OohLawLaw said...

Insert story about your sister doing my makeup and going to VideoVision here.

That is all.

P.S. Cute costumes BTW!

Sassy Pie said...

@OohLawLaw - Haha, that story still makes me smile. It was all sorts of win. For everyone but you. :) And thanks!

Mrs Soup said...

GREAT tip on the nail polish.

Heels are awesome. I wore 4 inch heels for my wedding. Which was fabulous. And I'm 6ft too. This is scary....

Sassy Pie said...

@Mrs Soup - Thanks! We are two six-foot tall balls of raw sexual energy.

I wore Isotoner slippers for my wedding - I wanted to be super comfy. I did the same thing for my senior prom. It was mostly because my dresses (I wore a pink wedding dress to my senior prom) would have been ankle-length had I worn heels in them. :)