Monday, March 29, 2010

Stupid free Interwebz...

I have a confession... (Ha, I typed foncession instead of confession at first. Perhaps today's a lysdexic day...)

I leech free interwebz. There happens to be an open network connection that's usually around 54-68% signal strength, and I'm too poor to pay the $50-60 per month that decent internet costs one in this hellhole of a stupid ass town.

The bad part of all this is that I have no idea when I will and will not have Interwebz. I think the streak so far is a week with the 'Webz not working. It keeps giving me this "Cannot associate with Access Point" error. And I know to fix it you're supposed to press some button on the modem. But what the fuck can I do when I have no idea who I'm even leeching from?!

Coincidentally, the interwebz always seem to be connected at THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIMES. Like an hour before I should be going to bed, or when I have errands to run instead of the time to lounge around and surf the 'Webz.

But mothercocking ass monkeys, I paid $140 for a wireless network card and a RAM upgrade. Interwebz need to be cheaper.

Ace Of Base's 'Don't Turn Around' just came on Media Player.

I tried scallops for the first time last night at my parents' house... We had steak and scallops, salad, veggies, potatoes, and then amaretto cake for dessert! It was a shit-ton of food, and it was all delicious. Is there anything happier than steak with drawn butter?

Maybe eating stale Peeps for breakfast. Pink bunny Peeps. Ooooh yeeeeeeah.

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Amy said...

How funny! We had scallops last night too. Did you like them? They're kind of a love/hate food. Personally, I looovvveee them.

Sorry about your internet woes. Hope that free shit is more consistant for you;)

Sassy Pie said...

I liked the bay scallops a lot better than the sea scallops. I really liked them, though! They were delicious!

Beautiful Mess said...

Mmmmmm scallops are YUMMY! Glad you enjoyed dinner. I hope the person you're stealing the Interwebz from, gets a new RUDE!

Sassy Pie said...

@Beautiful - Scallops are delicious! I haven't had a prob with the 'Webz lately, so it's good so far...