Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plagiarism in the kitchen...

My dear lovely readers...

I have a serious confession. At the suggestion of one of my friends, I plagiarized in the kitchen. Well, sort of. I took an idea and gave it my own little tweaks. My friend shipped me some items from a store that I love Love LOVE that isn't up in my red-neck of the woods. Because the area I live in is as gay as Liberace's closet. In return for the cost of shipping, she requested I make her some baked goods when she came up here to visit a month ago... We originally settled upon cupcakes, simple and sweet. And pink. :) However, her boyfriend found this post from Bakerella, and suggested I make those instead. So I put my creative panties on, and gave Cupcake Burgers my best shot. I made everything from scratch except the brownies (boxed) and the fondant. Because fondant is a BITCH to make, and I don't have the necessary double boiler. I have a serious hate/mild dislike relationship with fondant.


Here are the following adorable results from the fruits of my creative pantied loins.

The adorable little brownie burgers... Pretty maids all out of rows.

A brownie burger with fondant cheese. Not to be confused with head cheese.

Donchya love the powdered sugar all over these little babies?

Voila! Cupcake buns with brownie burgers, fondant cheese and ketchup and mustard frosting!

And we can't forget the hand-piped frosting sesame seeds! :)

So... What do you think, readership? I didn't go the whole nine yards that Bakerella did, making sugar cookie fries (please don't hate me, I was in the process of packing to move or I would have made the damn fries...) but I think the effect was cute. She said they were delicious. :) And please bear with me, the photo upload option is being a douche. It kept deleting the photos and now I know to just upload the stupid photos first and write second. Grr. I'll suss out this blog thing, don't you babies cry.

My next project is going to be figuring out how to make margarita cake batter from scratch, because the recipe I found just calls for box mix with margarita mix and booze. I am going to be a busy baker this month, I have the margarita cake on the 20th, a Vikings cake on the 22nd, and a double chocolate raspberry torte on the 23rd. It's excellent to have all this business. :) It makes me feel successful, and we all know how warm and fuzzy of a feeling that is. It's best with a side of humble pie, but I'm just not hungry enough for that. Maybe later.

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