Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You put the lime in the coconut and drink the bowl up...

I made margarita cupcakes this weekend. :) Margarita mix (non-alcoholic) and lime zest in the batter, and fresh-squeezed lime juice in the lime buttercream frosting. It was all sorts of happy, and my guinea pigs (since this was a new recipe, and I needed feedback before doing a cake for a bakery order) seemed to like it. Here are the results!

Yum-a-licious Margarita cake batter. Margarita mix and lime zest... I had a very difficult time keeping it out my mouth... Yes, I know that raw eggs (even though the recipe only used whites) are bad for you. But seriously, how many of us ate raw cake batter as kids and survived?
Exactly. Shush your faces.
Yes, it's tinted green. Because green cake is cute if it's tinted. Not if it's moldy.

Next came green tinted lime buttercream frosting. Two full tablespoons of fresh-squeezed (yes, I squeezed the juice myself) ... Wait, that sounds so dirty. Any who, fresh-squeezed lime juice balanced out the sweetness of the pound of powdered sugar nicely.

Pretty swirl-frosted cupcake. I need to buy an M1 tip and coupler so I can make the frosting bigger and prettier, like Reddi-whip.

Oh, my little pretties... Come to papa, no more fish or squid for me! Ok, had a Bill Engvall shark moment. I am not parasailing while on Vicodin and Bahama Mamas.
But I do wonder if half a Vicodin and a Bahama Mama really do make for a bitchin' day...

Yep, I decimated half a cupcake in one bite. Moist margarita cake, sweet/sour lime buttercream... I think they'll enjoy it at 50 Below on Thursday. :)

Husband, Son and I went up to Michael's (a craft store) last night so that I could pick up cake boxes for the orders this week. They were having a fabulous sale on picture frames and collage frames. I mean, 40% off is pretty awesome. So we bought three collage frames, and had plans to go through the wedding photos on our hard drive (even if our computer is lame) and pick out photos to put in the collage. Because I'm ghetto and I just send them to Walmart.com to be printed at my local White Trash Paradise. Anyway, we were watching some show on ABC about the secrets behind the magic tricks.

The magician was heavyset. Which is, duh, just fine because I've got a bit of cushion for the pushin' myself. The part that was wrong on so many levels - an abacus doesn't have enough beads for me to count all the ways this shit was wrong - was that he was wearing a skin-tight velvet shirt.

Skin-tight velvet.

That's not the easiest thing to pull off, and I'll bet that after getting sweaty under those stage lights he had a hard time pulling it off. ;) (Eww, I have an image in my head of the creepy guy 'pulling one off'. It's almost as scarring as when I watched The Devil's Rejects and saw the scene of Captain Spaulding having sex in clown makeup with his loose old man skin and old saggy nuts bouncing. Bleeeh.)

And he was wearing this creepy, creepy mask and was - of course - surrounded by gorgeous women. I guess the song, "Be A Clown" (sweet, sweet irony) was right. Be the poor, silly ass; and you'll always travel first class.

So we sat and ate our tacos, and then watched Castle. Does anyone else watch this show? Nathan Fillion is fantastic. They were investigating a murder, and they walked into the apartment of an author whose pen name was Lee Wax, and the door was - GASP! - open and no one was answering their calls. Offhandedly, I commented, "Lee Wax got waxed!" and Husband laughed. Then Nathan Fillion said something way funnier, and I remembered how much of a loser I am.

It's ok, I'll bet I bake way better than he does.

Also, Brett Favre is a douche, and I've felt this way for quite some time. I don't like football, and living in a border town of Minnesota/Wisconsin, you see lots of purple, green and gold. I don't particularly care for any of those colors. I just have a very strong aversion to anything Vikings or Packers.

Someone bought my son a Packers outfit when he was younger; a onesie and a track suit. It made happy to no end when he spit up all over it. :) I refuse to put him in anything football unless the colors are pretty; like the Panthers.

The Panthers' colors are pretty.

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Dixie said...

Subscribe to the Michael's e-mail list. You get a 40% off coupon every week. That's how I'm stocking my baking arsenal.

Sassy Pie said...

Oooh, good idea! Thanks, Dixie! Because seriously? Michael's is the only freaking place in this crap-hole town I can find cake boxes, and unusual cake tips like the one I bought to make a grass field for a football cake I'm making this weekend.

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. I love baking. Too bad my fat, fat ass doesn't need it or I would be rolling through doors rather than waddling.

Sassy Pie said...

Baking is awesome. There have to be diet cupcakes out there somewhere. Too bad someone couldn't make Diet Coke cupcakes. You'd never eat anything else, lol.

And the last part of your comment made me think of Violet Beauregaurde from Willy Wonka - the old one with Gene Wilder.

Dixie said...

And I just had to buy the coupler for my M1 and M22 tips - I bought the Wilton 'cupcake set' that came with the tips, but the small coupler, so that was somewhat useless. Sigh.

I haven't made the leap to homemade frosting yet and I've been using the canned stuff in the cake aisle, which is far too soft and just turns into ooze by the time I get to the last of what's in the bag. Is there a way to firm it up some (besides cooling it before using it - and then it gets really soft when it thaws out anyways) or do I just need to start making my own or buying the Wilton stuff in the bucket?

Dixie said...

My last comment for now: Nathan Fillion is glorious. Watch him as Mal in Firefly/Serenity. Just, awesome.

Sassy Pie said...

So by 'canned stuff in the cake aisle', do you mean Betty Crocker or Wilton? Because you can buy pure white canned buttercream from Wilton... It's not very flavorful, so you have to add some to it. I love the flavor of almond extract. Just a slightly cherry-ish flavor.

I have standard tips, but no M sizes or large couplers. I'll probably cave and buy some soon, because not having them is gonna drive me bananas.

Have you seen him as Dr. Pomatter in Waitress? I love his acting in that film. It's what turned me on to him, in a manner of speaking. ;) He's delightful with sarcasm.

Dixie said...

Canned stuff by Betty/Pillsbury/DunkinHines. I know, I hang my head in shame. I think I'm going to have to get the gallon of Wilton buttercream and give that a shot. Thanks!

Yeah, cupcakes really do require the big tips. Nick always make inappropriate 'just the tip' comments when I'm in the baking aisle looking at them. No.

I haven't see Waitress, but he's really just a phenomenal actor. You'd love Firefly, it's just a hint of sci-fi, but all sorts of sarcasm. It's a great series.

Sassy Pie said...

Haha... So, the crappy frosting doesn't really have what it takes to stand up to being used as decoration. I know that the baking aisle (not the baked goods aisle, but by the crafts and wedding crap) at Walmart here has small cans the same size as the BC/P/DH for like $3-4. Try looking there, because I don't think I've seen the small cans at Michael's. Or you can buy the easy Wilton buttercream mix; it's a just-add-water sort of process. However, the canned stuff is really thick. Beware of over-thinning.

I do think that for decorating, you are going to have to cave and either buy the Wilton or make your own. Really, it only takes 10 minutes. But you will need to sift the powdered sugar. I love that C&H brand makes 1 lb boxes and 2 lb bags, they're just perfect for making 1 batch or 2 batches. No measuring needed! And buy Crisco sticks... They're beautiful. :)

Check out Waitress, it's great and you'll love all the different pies she makes. I wanna figure out how to make Strawberry Oasis. My brain is already creating what I'd imagine it to be. That'll be the next new recipe I create, I think. Before the strawberries get super expensive again. :) I'll see if I can find Firefly, but I don't know if Movie Gallery will have it.

Dixie said...

Firefly is the series, Serenity is the movie; both are awesome. My friend called and told me there was a guy who looked like a taller, darker haired version of Nick in that episode of Castle. Thoughts?

Sassy Pie said...

Hrm... You know, I'm not sure. I didn't notice anyone that made me go, "Oh my gosh that looks like Nick!" But I've only met him twice, so that could be why.

I was scoping out Nathan Fillion's IMDb page, and I saw the whole movie vs. series thing - he played a villain pastor named Caleb in the last season of Buffy. I can't picture Nathan as a villain.