Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's a one-stop shop with a real big *uh*...

So I didn't get to watch DWTS Tuesday night. I know, I know. I'm sorry. Erf needed the TV more than I did at that moment.

Which leads me into my blog post topic for today, which is all about how crappy the last few days have been for me. I wasn't going to blog about it at first, but then I remembered that blogging is supposed to be all healing and supportive and crap.

No, this is not a plea for sympathy. I just don't have anything else going on in my life right now, so what the hell, right?

Erf was (past tense, you'll understand later) a manager at a local fast food place. They call them QSR's (Quick Serve Restaurant), I suppose because they want to sound more sophisticated than McDonalds. Or maybe they want to sound like spies, but they massively failed. Whatever.

He had a review about a month ago, and they told him he was 'lazy' and a 'lollygagger'. Who the fuck uses that word anymore?! Seriously. I know that this couldn't be true because I've worked WITH Erf, and I've spent time with his co-workers outside of work. Lazy is not a word that you apply to my husband, he's one of the hardest workers I've ever met. However, the co-worker who described him as such is notorious for sitting in the back office, running useless errands during rushes, and other miscellaneous offenses. They gave him 30 days to 'shape up and improve', but wouldn't tell him exactly what he was doing wrong.

I can get not telling someone HOW to fix a problem at work, but not telling them WHAT the problem is? What the everloving mothercock? That's just irresponsible management.

He had his 30 day review review on Tuesday. They demoted him.

To maintenance. He's below the fucking burger-flipping crew members now. And to top it all off, he went from making $27,500 a year to $8.50/hr.

He makes less than I do. We just moved into an apartment with a one-year lease. We chose this apartment because it has 3 bedrooms and we wanted a place we could stay in for a while.

The co-workers who called him lazy (and are subsequently called lazy by the crew members when said co-workers are out of earshot) got promoted.

This, it fucking blows chickens.

My wonderful Twitter/blogger/real life friends, Beautiful Mess, Aunt Becky and Dana, helped tremendously by listening to my whining and bitching, and then reassured me that all will be okay.

My only surefire cure to disperse anger (which, hello, I was livid) is to cry. A lot. I cry watching movie previews for Angels In The Outfield. I cry like I'm fucking postpartum. It's insane.

So what do I do? I poured myself a large glass of wine, grabbed my chocolates, and settled down with Erf to watch P.S., I Love You. This is an incredibly sad movie. It's surefire to make me cry. Like Armageddon and Steel Magnolias (We'll sell t-shirts saying, 'I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux!' M'Lynne, you just missed the chance of a lifetime! Half of Chinquapin Parish'd give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser!).


Anywho, I cried my eyes out. And by that I mean, I blubbered. Like, soap-opera-fake blubbered. Except it was real. That grieving widow cry. The lip-sucking, gasping-breath, annoying cry. Insane, is what it is. Erf laughed at me, because it really was quite funny. No better way to dispel the anger than laughter through tears. It's my favorite emotion! I felt much better.

Then yesterday I got a call from Erf to tell me that he has a management position interview at a local sports bar and grill next week. Silver linings, people.

Except my broken tooth. Fucking nighttime tooth-clenching. I clench my teeth at night like teenage boys clench their cheeks at drive-ins. That is to say, tight.

Not that teenage boys go to drive-ins anymore. But if they did, they totally wouldn't wanna gas their date. Unless they were trying to knock them out. Baked beans are cheaper than a roofie, people. Lesson learned.

By the way, in case you care, Erf took out his anger by playing Need For Speed and smashing into cop cars. To each their own, right? On a related note, I was on the phone with my mom last night as he was playing. He asked me what kind of car he should buy (I picked the Toyota Supra). My mom chimes in with, "I really don't think that now is a good time for you to be looking at buying a new car."

It's a video game car, ma. Put away the wire hanger, and I'll stop calling you Mommie Dearest. :)

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Beautiful Mess said...

Stupid asshole! Lets go egg his house! Sending Erf lots of good JUJU for his interview!

I had to laugh at your mom. That sounds like something my mom would have said. Or my MIL, for that Silly old people...

OohLawLaw said...

This week sucks, furiously. You're not alone. Me, Nick and my entire office all agreed to just scrap this week. It must be something in the moon/planets/stars.

Amy said...

Dude! That totally blows! I hope the bar and grill works out and he's happier over there!

Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies of all time. I named my first born Jackson over it for god's sake!!

And I cry EVERYTIME I watch it!! That scene where M'lynn goes on and on about how her shelby can no longer experience life...Oh god, I'm getting misty just thinking of it! Fantastic movie!!

Hang in there honey! All will work out for you and Erf:)

Sassy Pie said...

Thanks you guys! Once he can (FINALLY) quit this fucking job, I'm pouring a pound of sugar in the district manager's gas tank. Asshat.

And Amy, I agree. Best part of the movie. "I can joke all the way to Texas and back, but my daughter can't! She never could! I'm so mad, I don't know what to do. I can't do this, I can't do... I just wanna hit someone until they feel as bad as I do! I wanna hit something, I wanna hit it hard!"

I'm so pathetic. :)

On the bright side, dental wax has eased the shredding of my tongue!

The Other Evan said...

If I remember previously mentioned QSR location correctly, I know the owner, and he pretty much deserves every negative connotation that can be hurled in his general direction.

On a lighter note, good luck with the interview, but I also know that Buffalo Wild Wings will be opening up at the old Gander Mtn spot across from the mall. Saw the manager listing on one of the job search engines just recently. Just an FYI.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh that seriously sucks!! I'm so so sorry. :( Hope next week is better!

LuLu and Moxley's Mom said...

Sorry for the bad news... Hope he gets the other job.

On an unrelated note, are you afraid the mullet-ed attorney will find your blog? I didn't start mine until I wasn't working anymore but tend to be very paranoid. Or maybe he knows he likes his mullet and would take it as a compliment??

Together We Save said...

So sorry!! PS I Love You is one of my bad day movies too.

Sassy Pie said...

Other Evan: I don't know if you know which one I'm talking about. The owner is great, but he's retiring and turning it over to the district manager. The DM is the dickface. I scoped BWW, and they've got higher requirements for some reason...

Thanks again for the well wishes, I'll pass them on to Erf. And L&MM, the mullet-ed attorney is proud of his mullet. I tease him about it to his face all the time, and I constantly tell him it would take 10 years off his appearance if he cut it off. :) And I'm not afraid he'll find it. I don't write much about him on here, if anything at all.