Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am so going to lose street cred for this.

Wait a minute. I'm as un-ghetto as they come. What the hell am I worried about losing street cred for? I didn't have any to begin with!

So I'm going to embrace my inner neo-maxi zoom dweebie.

(For those of you who didn't see The Breakfast Club, it's just slang for a big dork.)

And if you haven't seen TBC, you fail. Seriously. 80's flicks, for the win!

Now that I'm walking on thin ice, I might as well dance. (Props to Ooh Law Law, she's the one who told me that)

I am a Twilight fan. Put the rotten fruit away. Seriously. If you throw that at me, I'll get really mad. I may even stomp my foot.

My 17 year-old sister hooked me on Twilight. I had heard about it via Facebook status updates, but I hadn't fully appreciated the addiction until I chewed through Twilight in less than 24 hours. I couldn't put it down.

Yes, I am a squealy 15 year old girl on the inside. No, I don't have a crush on Robert Pattinson. Ew. I think Edward is a bit weird and controlling, but the epic romance of it all... Oh, how it delights me. When a book is good, I go through stomach emotions. Similar to a roller coaster. My stomach dropped when Edward left Bella in New Moon. It twisted when she admitted she loved Jacob in Eclipse. It flip-flopped at the wedding in Breaking Dawn.

I waited patiently on my library's wait list for New Moon as my sister didn't have it at the time. I know, right? How dare she get me hooked and then fail to supply the sequel! I finally got it, and speed-read through it. Then awaited my turn for Eclipse. Breaking Dawn came even faster. And then I invested in the box set for my own delight.

You'll be ashamed to learn I've read them multiple times.

Embarrassing book preferences aside (yes, I also like reading trash like Harlequin books...)(Yes, you can laugh at me, I know they're stupid.), I wasn't a very big fan of the movie Twilight. I don't think Catherine Hardwicke did it justice. There were so many things that got flip-flopped about and the whole movie had a sort of 'blah' quality to it.

New Moon, however... New Moon has a promising outlook. The costumes, makeup and effects look (from the trailers, anyhow) to be far superior to Twilight's. You can check out the new trailer here, because I'm too stoopid to know how to embed it directly into my blog. Dar-de-nar-nar.

My squealing tweenage self is emerging, because I really did squeal with delight watching the trailer. And Erf (that's hubby's new nickname, because calling him hubby seems stoopid) and I are going to see it in theatres. I don't CARE if you all think I'm lame. Cause I am, a little bit.

To redeem myself, I offer this as a sacrifice on the Altar Of Excellence:

I forgot to take a salivating-ly delish picture of the last time I made slow-baked boneless ribs. So I offer this upon the Altar. I marinated them overnight, and baked them from 11 am until 6 pm, and served them with corn on the cob and mashed pertaters. Yes, I soaked my potatoes in sour cream. I always do. And yes, my corn is eaten. I didn't think to snap a pic until after I had eaten my corn and taken a few bites of my ribs.

Please, love me again?

You know you want to; I'm so delightfully white trash, with a dash of squealing tween.

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Amy said...

I am totally salivating over your ribs! (Ew, sorry...didn't mean to make that sound so dirty)

I never could get into the Twilight series. I read the first book and couldn't for the life of me figure out what all the hype was about. And that Rob Pattinson looks like such an arrogant prick! (although he's on my celbebrity "to do" list)

But, you're talking to a girl who LOVES the young and the restless. (Been watching it for 20 years) So, there's no accounting for taste.

Sassy Pie said...

Thanks! And it's ok, I like dirty. ;)

Some people just can't get into it. I'm a kid at heart (I still play with Barbies, for god's sake. But I just like dressing them up and making different outfits), so I think that's why I like them.

And I agree; there's no accounting for taste. To each their own, right? :)

Badass Geek said...

My wife is a Twilight addict, too. She shamelessly admits it, but I just don't see the draw to all things vampire.

Aunt Becky said...

There is NOTHING wrong with squealing teenagers (I love Britney, y'all), but I dislike both ribs and Twilight. But I love you.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh, those ribs look delicious! And I am a squealing teenager as well. Love Twilight. They are far from great literature, but I call them my Candy books. They are quick, wonderful, fun reads. Their characters are strong. Lovely.

And omg, I cannot WAIT until my daughter is old enough to play with Barbies. I have several huge boxes just WAITING for her to grow up, full of mine and my mom's. Very excited, I am.

Jessie Wags said...

I freakin' love the Twilight Saga, and did as you and read the first book in 24 hours I just couldn't get enough! Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charliane Harris? I believe you would enjoy them greatly, they have slightly more grown-up feel! Oh and if you are planning to catch the midnight showing of New Moon, we should totally go together, one of my BFFs, Jessica, will be attending as well and I think you guys would get along smashingly! P.S. We should really hang out sometime, reading your blog reminds me of how much fun you are and I love wine and it seems you do as well!

Sassy Pie said...

BG - For me, it's not about the vampires... It's more about the romance and the fantasy. A lot of girls (myself included) wish for a love of that intensity. I just enjoy losing myself in it.

Aunt Becky - It's ok, if you ever come see me I won't cook you ribs. :) And I like Britney, too. Seriously, with the exception of that one album all of her stuff rocks. And I love you too, and I'm so glad you love me. :)

Mrs. Soup - It's sort of like in Finding Forrester (If you haven't seen it, rent it!), where he says, "I read the Times for dinner, but this [The National Enquirer] is my dessert." Seriously, if you want to sell any Barbie clothes, I'd totally buy them. ;)

Jessie - I haven't even heard of those, I'll definitely check them out! I don't know if I'm going to do a midnight showing, because it'll be sort of a date thing for Evan and I. :) Otherwise I'd love to go with you! I also agree that we should hang out... Rekindle our cruise ship flame. ;) There are so few people from high school left up here, so I never have anyone to hang with. The only downside is that I have Caden a lot due to Evan's work hours, so it's hard for me to find times to escape, lol. I'll Facebook you my phone number. :)