Friday, September 18, 2009

Ode to Ice Cream by Vada Sultenfuss

So, can I even tell you how much I love the girls at Erflet's daycare?

I'm sure as shit going to try.

Amanda, Jessie, Amber and Virginia are the best daycare workers I've ever met. Hands down. They run the small daycare that Erflet attends, Amanda being the head childcare chickie. I'm not even kidding you when I tell you that there was this one time (at band camp - just kidding. I don't play flutes unless they're made of skin. *wink*) we were possibly moving up to Virginia, MN and I had knots in my stomach at the very idea of removing my son from their capable hands. I don't ever want to leave until he's too old for their daycare, because the idea of finding another daycare... Well, it makes me incredibly sad.

I received a call at work today from Amanda, who promptly put Erflet on the phone and said, "Tell Mommy what you broke." Yes, they bring them to the office and make them tell their mothers what they've done wrong. Awesome, no?

My son (whether accidentally or on purpose we don't know) tore a window screen out from it's frame. It tore a little, I guess. They were all lined up waiting to wash their hands, so Jessie didn't see what happened until she heard the loud RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP.

I love my daycare girls so much (and have enough common courtesy besides) that I offered to pay for the screen if necessary. They're going to have the maintenance guy try and fix it first. Erflet calls him, "Dabid".

By the way, I asked him to say, "Erflet" last night, and I got, "Oofwet". It was too cute, and I wish I had a video camera to share it with all of you.

However, I give the kid major props; he admitted to it (which makes me think accident, because usually when he knows it's wrong he denies it) and apologized without any provocation.

The girls didn't make too big of a deal out of it, but they are some of the nicest girls I've ever met. You can tell that they love their jobs, and they love the kids they spend all day with. It's very sweet. I can sit and talk with them until the last child leaves, just chitchatting away about whatever. They are excellent communicators, so I always hear about how his day went. They also have a plethora of child-handling knowledge that they dole out as circumstances deem necessary.

For example, Erflet had a SEVERE biting problem around this time last year. He was a bit delayed with his speech, mostly because he talked so fast the kids couldn't understand him. So he'd get frustrated and bite. And he bit until the kids bled. The girls didn't kick him out, we worked together trying to find a solution. One day he was sent home early and we all sat in the hallway and told him how sad it made us when he bites and if he kept biting he wouldn't be able to see his friends or teachers anymore.

I may have used tears. Shut up, my kid was about to get kicked out. Desperate times and desperate measures...

And miraculously, overnight (and I'm NOT exaggerating this), he slowed down his speech and stopped biting. Self-resolution, for the win! He just apparently decided to stop, or something clicked. Whatever it was, I'm grateful.

So to the girls with whom I entrust my beloved Erflet four days a week; keep up the excellent work, I love you guys, and I will do everything within my power to keep my son within your care. Because I trust you, and even more importantly, I like you all. And I'll recommend you until my face turns blue if anyone asks if I know of a good daycare.

P.S. I really hope that you decide to expand your age limit from 5 to like, 7. Cause I'd love to be able to have him there after school and stuff.


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Mrs Soup said...

Oh how fantastic! That is so wonderful. I'm glad you have such fabulous day care!

Sassy Pie said...

Thanks, I'm really glad that I found girls who are so trustworthy. It's harder to find that these days than it used to be. They even encourage parents and family members to stop by and visit - without calling first. How excellent is that? lol.

Amy said...

Good daycare makes all the difference in a mommy's/kid's life.

My son, at 6 months old, was "fired" by a nanny who had 41 years experience of watching kids in her home.

Ended up being the best thing ever as our new sitter is a godsend!

Funny that *my* kid was the one who broke her after 41 years, no?

Sassy Pie said...

Haha! That's excellent. Sometimes old ladies make me squicky. One of the women at Erflet's daycare can be a little snippy and mean to the kids. That's really my only complaint. Oh, and the fact that they've asked us to begin bringing lunches.

Small prices to pay for peace of mind, though. Very small. Especially since there was an incident a year or so ago in the area where an older woman watching kids in her home found out her husband was molesting the young girls. Makes me paranoid. And for good reason.